ThunderBob's Fractal Gallery


Except where otherwise noted,
all images are originals done by me.
You can use any images if you want for nonprofit purposes.
If you use any on a website or in stationery,
I'd appreciate it if you put up a link to my site.
Thank you,


I enjoy exploring fractals.
I like all kinds,
from a simple play with color and variations in light
to fantastic shapes with hidden patterns....

Fractals By ThunderBob
I do not name my fractals,
for I feel names can influence your interpretations into what I see in them and I want you to be free of that.

There are no hard to see and space-wasting thumbnails here,
the idea is to jump right in and start exploring. :o)

To start Exploring, click on any link below to take you to a page containing 2
Each fractal is sized 640x480 and is in 24bit True-Color.

Use the Next and Last buttons to move through them in any direction you wish, they form a continous loop, the last page leads to the first and the first leads to the last....
Use the Main button to return to this page at any time.
There are currently 222 fractals in this gallery.
Have Fun

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